Lee Anderson

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I'd previously tried different things in the past.....running, council gyms, corporate gyms etc. but I never found anything that made me commit and want to go back day after day, there was an always an excuse I found so as not to go. Then I found CrossFit DHM, and I was hooked. They allow you to realise that you do have that extra mile in the tank, you can do those things you never thought you could do before. There is always something new to learn, and the sense of achievement you feel when you get that new PR or that first pull up, double under etc. is like nothing else because you know it has been earned! You get a feel good factor that makes you want more, and continually come back!

It's not just about the training though, it's also about the people and the environment that is created at CrossFit DHM. The people, hard working, down to earth, honest people! Who may have never met you before but will be the first to congratulate you in completing your first WoD or pick you up off of the floor when you're down! What ultimately makes the place is the coaches, Dave and Joyce. You won't find two people who care more about their members and driving people forward towards their goals. There is no bullsh1t, no gimmicks with these guys, they are experienced and they know what they are talking about! Wouldn't swap them for the world!

If you want a new challenge then get into CrossFit, and you won't go wrong at CrossFit DHM!!!!!

The attatched image is the 28 day transformation from the Annual January Paleo Challenge, 28 days of eating paleo and CrossFit-ing