Jim Craig

Jim CraigMember

I started with Crossfit DHM when it opened in Jan 2013, having been considerably overweight and with a liver problem I had tried various fitness routines and did actually lose a bit of weight, but boredom with the same old routine made it difficult to maintain. I had some concerns that I might not be able to cope with the Crossfit regime, but the concerns were unfounded, Crossfit can be adapted to suit all ages and all ranges of ability. Workouts are scaled to suit individual abilities and progression is at your own pace. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I progressed.

At 70 I am doing things that I would have found a challenge at 30, and at that time I was still playing rugby. The coaches are superb and the encouragement from other members, of all ranges of ability, makes it an enjoyable community. Crossfit has given me a fitness routine with the variety to maintain my interest and the encouragement to progress. And the icing on the cake is that my health and fitness have improved enormously, so much so, that people who knew me before have trouble recognising me. Thanks to coaches Dave & Joyce and all members of Crossfit DHM.