Jim Craig Member

I started with Crossfit DHM when it opened in Jan 2013, having been considerably overweight and with a liver problem I had tried various fitness routines and did actually lose a bit of weight, but boredom with the same old routine made it difficult to maintain...

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Lee AndersonMember

I'd previously tried different things in the past.....running, council gyms, corporate gyms etc. but I never found anything that made me commit and want to go back day after day, there was an always an excuse I found so as not to go. Then I found CrossFit DHM, and I was hooked. They allow you to realise that you do have that extra mile in the tank, you can do those things you never thought you could do before...

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Aaron PrestedMember

’I joined Crossfit DHM in November 2014 and right from the start was welcomed by Dave, Joyce and all the members. The variety was the biggest thing that struck me in my opening sessions, having previously navigated towards running whenever I had been in a gym, now I was being pushed out of my comfort zone into different areas such as weightlifting and gymnastics...

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