• Posted on: 10 August 2015
  • By: Dinosaur

When I think about recovery it has two components

A. Nutrition
B. Sleep


I'm a BIG believer in getting your nutrition from real food. However I also see a need for supplements, I keep mine pretty basic. Here is what I take, It's not a debate...... it's not a guarantee of what works..... it's what over 20 years of training I feel works best for me. It's your job to find out what works best for you.
1. Pre - Workout. I don' always use a Pre-workout, but if I'm feeling tired or am planning a particularly hard session I take it.
2. BCAA - I nearly always drink BCAA during workouts, they taste good (They used to be awful) and they stop your body going catabolic during training, this means your body in its infinite wisdom tries to feed off its own muscle.....
3. Whey Protein / Recovery Drink - ALWAYS after training I take a liquid source of Whey Protein, the latest one I'm trying has a good source of Carbs as well as Protein, which is said to help Protein absorption.
4. Omega 3 - I love Omega 3's when I'm not taking them my knees are creaky and sore, when I take 3 or 4 a day I am pain free, it's definitely worth trying them. Just a word of warning, make sure you get a reasonable quality one, you really do get what you pay for on these.....
5. ZMA - Zinc and Magnesium, they help me sleep....... from feedback off clients they don't help everyone, but again they're worth trying.


I firmly believe that most of us need 7 - 9 hours sleep a night, now it doesn't take a genius to work out if you want 9 hours sleep and (like me) you need to be up at 6am then bedtime is 9pm....... as my gym doesn't close until 9pm this just isn't practical.

Get what rest you can, how ever you can, aim for at least 7 hours, if you can get more go for it..... I tend to work well on 7 hours then a few longer sleeps over the weekend.....

So if you want results, sleep well, eat well and think about some form of supplementation

Take care and train hard Dino